Fatherly love

Date: 2017-07-17
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Sunday, May 19, 2016 I opened the WeChat group, early in the morning there are a lot of Father's Day blessing phrase and Father's Day story one by one into my eyes, especially the "father of love" four characters deep Into my mind. So 2016 Father's Day came to us unconsciously. This Father's Day so that I can not help but think of Zhu's "back", as we read in the era of memories are still ah, the inner feeling is exceptionally delicate, strong, sentimental tears ... ... inadvertently slip face. This tearful eyes, as if to see a vast and weak father that bleak back, but also as if to see his father's face that the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the traces of the years ... ... indeed, fatherly love is a can not use words alone can be included Deep and great feelings.

   Father's Day originated in the American festival, which is a Westerner's holiday, the third Sunday of June each year. But for each of our Chinese people, Father's Day, although not as grand as the Spring Festival, in fact, people have quietly played Father's Day, but no mother's Day so flashed. Father and mother, is the most influential people to us. Father love, but often no maternal love as a direct, father of children's love, always on the depths of the soul. Most of the mother is concerned about the daily wear and let the details of warm and cold, and his father is different, he put his mind on how to teach children how to behave. Father loves heavy silence, but as silent sunshine, warm the hearts of children.

   Father, is a towering tree at home, the family was able to conceal the young and old. Father is a day of the family, he was sunny, all up and down only sunny; in the unit is a mountain, though not the official, let others look up; back home is the building, to the family shelter. With such a warm harbor, the family has a sense of security. The face of their own children, they are the future of the family, the ancient "no education, the father of the" responsibility. You are the first teacher of the children, their own to set an example, inherited a good family rules, although not expect him to "rule the country world", but also to teach him to read Mingzhi, self-reliance, honest man, not greed, , Into society, in order to return to society. This education out of the offspring to highlight the virtues of their parents, leaving a praised a good reputation. The continuation of mankind is also a continuation of thanksgiving fatherly love.

    When you do your father, you are the foundation of the family, respect for the young family is the virtue. On the longevity elders, to make every filial piety of the heart. Life between heaven and earth, Baishun filial piety first. Filial piety, expensive in the Shun, not only to eat well, put on, but also should be refreshed spirit. When the elders smile after the death, that is, will not leave "sub-desire to keep and not in the" regret.

    Thanksgiving Father's Day, love your own father! Let's love our children's love in our father's heart, gently, quiet, faint, such as a bunch of breeze blowing, to disperse his heart gloom, such as a touch of nourishing cream, light To his brow years of imprint, such as a classic old song, bring a long absence of aftertaste, comfortable and happy ... ...

    The father's love may not need too much return, but as a child must always have a grateful heart, come up with a whole heart to honor their parents, because when the father day into middle age, increasing Aging, he needs more is as a child's support and encouragement ... ...

    When our father is still alive, as a child we should be good to honor our parents, let him happy through their old age life, let people leave the worries of life, but also inadvertently put up in the hearts of our children Good example, so that children also know that thanks to the heart of the home, the community has an important role, if each of us have the heart of the parents Thanksgiving, and that we are more harmonious society, and we all hope that parents can always The birth of the year gave the heart of honor.

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