Conquer yourself, surmount the dream

Date: 2017-07-17
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Everyone has a dream, but not everyone can realize his dream. People all say dreams are too far from reality, dreams seem to be out of reach, like flowers in the fog or moon in the water. Facing the cruel reality, dreams only die before they make us surefooted. In fact, what prevents us from advancing are ourselves. We feel that dreams are far away, and we feel that the road to our dreams is rugged. We fear of incurring gossip, thus we give up our dreams by our own. We put ourselves in a enclosure designed by ourselves, and we are confined to the boundaries of our own mind. Then, we can not break the ravine in any case, finally we become our own captive and lose to ourselves.

Some people say that the stage is just as big as the heart. There are only things you can’t imagine, but there’s nothing you can’t do. As long as we think of it, we must say to ourselves, “I can, I will.”Be brave enough to face our deficiencies, exceed our own patterns, accept failure, learn mistakes, and start all over again. If you suffer a crushing defeat, then you cannot recover after a setback, thus you just bemoan your inadequacy in the face of a great task, regret for a lifetime.

A farmer from Liaoning loves singing very much. He sings in the fields, on the muddy mountain roads, or in the dirty henhouse, and keeps singing for thirteen years. Many people say that his voice is not suitable for singing, but he doesn’t want to give up. His mother’s support gives him great encouragement, so he comes to the stage of The Voice of China. He just wants to ask the teachers whether he can achieve his own future by his voice. He sings a melodious song, as he hasn’t finished the soulful English song, three authoritative teachers are most impatient to turn around to see what kind of girl owns such a special voice. The moment they turn around, they seem to be stunned. He turns out to be a handsome and clean young fellow. Na Ying’s first remark is that the singing is too charming, Yu Chengqing gives special affirmation of his timbre, Yang Kun also says, “it’s time to shine. If you can come out, you will be unique.” God gives him a very unique voice, but lets him live in a contrasting environment at the same time, isn’t it a kind of experience and toughening? If he gives up his dream after hearing others’“judgment”, now he is still a peasant that nobody knows. Over thirteen years, he has been adhering to his dream, that is to repay his persistence and expectations of his parents. The dream is actually very simple, but it is very tortuous to achieve. He surpasses himself, and he proves that the peasants could also sing loudly and stand in the center of the stage, to embrace the dreamlike neon and enthusiastic applause.

A blind girl from Banqiao district of Taipei is a street performer. She is thirty-six years old, she is not beautiful and even ugly, and she is also fat and blind. But her voice just likes that of Teresa Teng, standing alone leisurely, with a taste in the heart. She makes people imagine a extraordinary refined fairy dressed in white, with fluttering nepotism and graceful posture. Bright eyes like clear lake water, standing in the attic to look at the moon, still singing thousand wisp of eternal heart! However, when the teachers turn around passionately, they are shocked. Are they disappointed or unexpected? They are so moved and shocked, they all feel silly, stunned and happy, and even with tears. Although she is blind, she is so confident that she says she is a brilliant shiner while she is singing, but her dream is to sing a song with her favorite star Na Ying. ”Each others’  body smashing to pieces is the price for winning or losing , you have countless injuries in the heart in spite of the healthy looking, I am the captive of this battle”. God helps her close a window, but opens another door for her. I think God is fair, although it is dark in front of her eyes, her heart is indeed colorful. She will not pray for mercy from others because of her disability. She has overcome her limitations and surpasses her own deficiencies. She comes to the brilliantly illuminated stage with her gentle and soulful voice, bringing the bright light to all people. Perhaps this is the incomplete perfection and regrettable consummation. Her future is infinite bright because she has conquered herself.

A little girl from Guizhou only has a height of 148 centimeters. She liked singing when she was just in her mother’s belly. Her mother says she is so short to be a star, the camera can not even shine on her. But there is a small bomb in her body waiting for the outbreak. She wants to break through herself and prove herself with a“real” height. Her boyfriend’s belittling makes her more powerful to complete her singing career. Her dream is to become a small giant of the music world and prove her height by singing. Who doesn’t want to have a slim and graceful figure? Who does not want to have a face as pretty as a flower? God does not give you, he will make you potential in other ways. As long as you do not rigidly adhere to those so-called shortcomings, but find your own bright spot and persevere to try hard. Your potential will be tapped out and you will become glittering gold!

There are so many people who beat themselves and realize their dreams, not only the people in the song circles, but also the Olympic athletes, academic elites, design talents and other people in various walks of life. They are not necessarily geniuses. They don’t always have to be the best in this industry from childhood. But I’m sure they all have an optimistic and confident attitude and persevere in their determination to take the bull by the horns. They do not change their faith in the wind and rain, they never give up enthusiasm in the riptide, and they do not forget the original intention in the hardship. Thorns on foot dare not threaten them; with sweat streaming down their back, they laugh it off; their eyes are full of trauma, but they are self-possessed.

Conquer oneself, until one day, you will flap the wings of dreams and fly in the blue sky!


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