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Date: 2017-07-17
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"Safety is the lifeblood of workers, workers are safe person in charge," every day to go to work in the company to see the first banners is this, we can see in our company, security is always the most important part of the leadership of the company, safety is involved Workers life safety events, but also related to the survival and development of enterprises and stability.

 Every morning to go out, the family will be told: the road to pay attention to safety. Came to work at the unit, the leadership said: work attention to safety. See how much security is in our lives and work! Safe production is the amulet of every business employee. Who violated, it is equal to the moths to fire. Security is also a double-edged sword, to comply with its rules it will protect you, contrary to his rules he will let you pay the price of bleeding. Violation leads to such serious consequences, can not say that we do not know. So why do you often happen? I would like to have a key problem long troubled us. That is: we always believe in their own so-called experience, forgive their own negligence, and even indulge their own do not comply with the discipline of the behavior, and ultimately, a loss of eternity!

Everyone knows what security means, security is the most easily overlooked. When we watched the normal operation of the equipment, when we looked at the ground when a vehicle loading and unloading vehicles slowly passing, the safety of the word is often a moment of slack moment to leave our mind, and that is the moment, safe The accident may happen at this moment. In fact, security incidents are often completely avoidable events, security incidents are often occurred in those areas we think this should not happen, the fact that luck and negligence is an important factor in the occurrence of security incidents, so we work at the same time we Be sure to keep the word in mind and be sure to be safe or not before you finish your job. Do not take care of yourself, do you think that you are thinking about it. Do not take care of any dangerous insecurity. Bold and thoughtful, complete and safe completion of the task.

Safe production is the cornerstone of our work, but also the protection of our lives. In many cases, many of the aphorisms are often familiar with our "safe production prevention, safety first people-oriented", but we need not exactly what these are, the most important thing is to put the careful thinking into rigorous behavior Yu Si Shen line.

Every time the blood of the lesson, gave us a safe warning, every accident occurred, always in negligence and the effect of each accident behind, always leave a lot of regret and sadness, but we have to reflect in the grief , In the reflection in mind, keep in mind the lessons of life in exchange for. As long as everyone can keep in mind the minds of "safety first, prevention first" thinking, the safety of work in the ideological attention to the behavior in advance to prevent and improve safety awareness, enhance safety responsibility, taut "security this string ", We will create a safe and harmonious atmosphere - Wai, our peace of the flowers will be in full bloom more long and bright.

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