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Date: 2017-07-17
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Corporate culture can be a business, but also can destroy a business, so corporate culture is not decorating the facade of the enterprise furnishings, but every successful business must have the concept, but also a successful business into the future, to win a broad space for development of magic.

Each of the internationally renowned enterprise groups have their own corporate culture, corporate culture is not able to imitate and transplant. The key is to "look for a reason, to seize a line, adhere to a heart." In our country, the emerging enterprise culture construction, with its humanized management to adapt to the requirements of the market economy.

This is the most characteristic of the corporate culture of human management is people-oriented, emphasizing the ideals of people, morality, values, behavior norms in the core role of enterprise management, emphasizing the management of enterprises to understand people, respect for people, care about people. Pay attention to the overall development, with the vision to inspire people, with the spirit of cohesion, with the mechanism to encourage people, with the environment to cultivate people. Pay attention to the development of human potential, no longer rely solely on specific rules and regulations to restrain employees, corporate culture, the spirit of the concept will penetrate the hearts of every employee in the enterprise, everyone will feel the business all the time care for themselves, their own interests and business interests Ready to be linked together. A successful corporate culture is able to play a managerial role from human ideology. Of course, corporate culture management is also based on a certain basis for the management of the above, many models of corporate culture has a different growth base.

Corporate culture is a corporate team in the course of business embodied in a culture, it can be divided into four levels. The first is the middle of the culture, that is, the culture of the system; the last is the deep culture, that is, spiritual culture, which is the most important part of the surface culture, that is, the most variable part; The essence of the part, but also the smallest part of the change. This is the constituent elements of corporate culture.  

Enterprise is essentially a team production. The significance of team production is that a number of inputs work together to produce, the output is greater than the input in the production of the sum of the output, that is, to achieve 1 + 1 greater than 2 functions. If the output produced by team production is greater than the sum of the output produced by each team and the cost of organizing and restraining team members, then the team's production has its meaning. However, in the production of the team, the marginal output of the participating players is not directly observable. Because a team provides the market with the product of the entire team, not the marginal product of each member, and the opportunist tendencies of the people will induce lazy behavior, making the team members lack the enthusiasm to work hard. Thus, corporate culture as a business in the production and operation embodied in a "team spirit", is the growth of enterprises on the rich soil. It can fundamentally effectively control the production of lazy issues such as moral hazard, to achieve the "team production", "joint labor" high efficiency. Such as the enterprise will not change the company's leadership because of the specific behavior of the ups and downs of the company, with continuity and continuity, which is a hundred years of enterprise based. Of course, it should also be noted that corporate culture may show a high degree of "path dependence" (that is, once people choose a system, the inertial force will make this choice continue to self-strengthening, and let you easily go out ), So that in the evolution of their own obstacles, so the leader of the enterprise should be conscious, purposeful to create a productive corporate culture, and can continue to re-create, timely innovation, change.

Enterprises as a group of individuals by the composition of its behavior is actually the process of people with the game. Modern enterprise management in the core competitiveness, technological innovation and other aspects can be imitated, but the corporate culture can not imitate, corporate culture is a business with its own characteristics, rooted in their own business, in the enterprise development process, business leaders and production To sum up the accumulation of culture and management and other aspects of the achievements, why Haier's corporate culture is only applicable to Haier himself, and other enterprises in the study of "Haier" culture, blindly grafted to their own businesses, no longer produce another Cloned "Haier" too! In fact, the results of these enterprises learn to learn the "fur", give up the "essence." Therefore, a successful business must have a set to adapt to their own development, have their own characteristics of the corporate culture.

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