Make your whole year’s plan in the spring

Date: 2017-07-17
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“Make your whole year’s plan in the spring and the whole day’s plan in the morning. The plan of life lies in diligence.”It means that the harvest of the year consists in planting in the spring, otherwise it is impossible to harvest in autumn. The apperception of one day lies in the morning study, only in this way can we learn the knowledge we should master. Seize the morning, and you really have a day. Seize the spring of the year, and you’ll have a wonderful year. Spring is the most lively and vigorous season of the year.  "Make your whole year’s plan in the spring”is an experience that the Chinese people have summed up in the practice of thousands of years, it emphasizes the position of “spring” in the four seasons of the year and the value of “spring”. A year’s plan should be considered and arranged in the spring, so as to lay the foundation for the whole year’s work. A good beginning means a new start and new impetus. Spring is the season of sowing hope, while sowing hope, there will be harvest.

The day of February 6 of 2017 is 10th day of the first lunar month. It is also the first day for the work of Bonaier staff after spending the Spring Festival holiday of Year of the Rooster. Of course, it can also be regarded as the reunion day for each staff of Bonaier. I think this day has extraordinary significance for everyone, cause this is a new beginning of the year, and it symbolizes a new hope. The night before, I set the alarm clock early, for fear that I would be late in the morning of the second day.

As I drove slowly toward the gate of the company, in the entrance of the company, the aunts of percussion group beat gongs and drums to welcome every Bonaier colleague. Although the sky is gray, it can not cover up the excitement in my heart at that moment. Walking into the door of the company, everyone began to say hello to each other and sign  their names. At ten to eight or so, the colleagues basically arrived and gathered in the square, the personnel Director Xu leads everyone to carry out the flag raising ceremony and the oath. In the end, General Manager Pan sent the new year’s greetings to all of us, hoping the people in the whole company can join hands and make great progress in the coming year.

How wonderful! I wish to say that although it is only a simple ceremony, it is a wonderful prospect for the new year for all of us. With the goal and direction, we will not hover and will not be confused. The spring is both a season of hope and a season full of challenges, which lets us all work hard, meet the challenges and develop new ideas. Let us sprinkle passion and dedicate wisdom in our respective posts. Let us enjoy vertical and horizontal freehand brushwork, embroider grand plan and weave bright prospect in the struggle of life.

The four seasons of life are in our own hands. Everyone can build a garden in his heart, all the flowers bloom and bright spring shines in the garden. Let us sow the seeds of spring and hope, as long as we embrace the spring, there will be a fruitful harvest. Let us raise the sails of life in the garden of the heart, gallop in the spring of life, and enjoy the quiet years. Struggle together!

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