Everyone has a dream, but not everyone can realize his dream. People all say dreams are too far from reality, dreams seem to be out of reach, like flowers in the fog or moon in the water. Facing the cruel reality, dreams only die before they make us surefooted. In fact, what prevents us from advancing are ourselves. We feel that dreams are far away, and we feel that the road to our dreams is rugged. We fear of incurring gossip, thus we give up our dreams by our own. We put ourselves in a enclosure designed by ourselves, and we are confined to the boundaries of our own mind. Then, we can not br...
Published: 2017 - 07 - 17
“Make your whole year’s plan in the spring and the whole day’s plan in the morning. The plan of life lies in diligence.”It means that the harvest of the year consists in planting in the spring, otherwise it is impossible to harvest in autumn. The apperception of one day lies in the morning study, only in this way can we learn the knowledge we should master. Seize the morning, and you really have a day. Seize the spring of the year, and you’ll have a wonderful year. Spring is the most lively and vigorous season of the year.  "Make your whole year’s plan in the spring”is an e...
Published: 2017 - 07 - 17
Corporate culture can be a business, but also can destroy a business, so corporate culture is not decorating the facade of the enterprise furnishings, but every successful business must have the concept, but also a successful business into the future, to win a broad space for development of magic.Each of the internationally renowned enterprise groups have their own corporate culture, corporate culture is not able to imitate and transplant. The key is to "look for a reason, to seize a line, adhere to a heart." In our country, the emerging enterprise culture construction, with its huma...
Published: 2017 - 07 - 17
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